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A Month of Sand Castles & Sewing Machines
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Well if you are in Morecambe today I hope you have an umbrella, wellies and sun cream. The weather can’t make up its mind today. Looking on the bright side of things, this month has been a busy one with … Read More

Little Fabric Birds Hiding Away…
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These little fabric birds were hiding away in a box. Thought I’d give everyone an early look before the fabric birds on driftwood go on the shop this evening. I’m off for a cuppa tea with my mother (feltissimo). If … Read More

JayBird Art – Welcome the new JayBird Website.
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It has been a hectic few weeks organizing shops, tags, website and new work after leaving BeachPurl and Emma but life goes on. I’ve just finished putting together the website and although it has been a headache, on the other … Read More