Q: Why do you make your art?

A: I guess most artists say that they have a fundamental urge to create and I have to whole-heartily agree with that. It’s not something that fills my time, It’s what the basis of my day consists of, much to the dismay of my family. I want to capture a moments in life the way I see it but also taking small tangents with the materials I work with.

Q: What inspires you to make it?

A: Where I live is the main inspiration. I live in Morecambe Bay which is rich with nature, the tides and old British seaside culture. It is also the materials that I find that will sometimes give the inspiration, driftwood twists and textures are the treasures I love to find.

Q: What does it represent?

A: Simply moments in life and time. From nature around the bay and the shores. I especially love birds and their freedom. There were many times in my life where my health has been bad and seeing the birds from an early age be it from a hospital window or with my grandfather giving me my first bird watching book. They were always a way to lift my heart.

Q: What is unique about how you make it?

A: I have been using materials that I have collected or discarded materials and items. I do loath to buy anything new as it goes against the core of what I am about. Recycling and re-purposing is the main drive, to breathe new life into them. As artists we truly do have a duty to this principle. Not all the materials we use are an endless resource. I am not by all means the first or the last artist that will have a theme of recycling at the heart of their work, I do however wish there were more.

Q: What it means to you?

A: The first art I sold at my degree show was a spectacular feeling, especially as the subject of designer babies isn’t too many peoples taste, so didn’t think I would sell. Even so to know that the art I made is still somewhere in Cornwall means a lot to me. It isn’t all about money. The fact that the art I make is making someone, somewhere happy.

Q: Why do some of your images say www.beachpurl.co.uk?

A: Until recently I was working with Artist Emma Hamilton under the name Beach Purl. We did this for just over 2 years and was great fun. I decided that due to health reasons I would create solo so I can go at my own pace. I took and edited all images and both images and work are copyright to myself.

Q: Who are you?

My name is Jay Ingram-Seal, working as a full-time artist and mother living in Heysham, Lancashire.

If there any questions you’d like to ask, leave a comment below and I will try my best to get to it when I can.