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It has been a hectic few weeks organizing shops, tags, website and new work after leaving BeachPurl and Emma but life goes on.

I’ve just finished putting together the website and although it has been a headache, on the other hand it was great to get all my art out and start categorizing on the site shop. So there are a few pages to finish and polish, I’ll get there in the end. I’ll be blogging when I can and have already come up with some interest topics such as disability and art, the disabled arts movementĀ and the subject of disability in side the art frame and few more ideas I’m still playing with. I’ll also be blogging on new work I’m working on and some works in progress photos.

The shop is up and working and will have more new work coming soon so if you want to keep ahead of the rest why not sign up for my monthly newsletter? It’ll have snippets of new work and the blog combine.

Well I hope you all enjoy the new site. I’m off for a well deserved coffee.

love Jay




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